Adding Humor To Your Writing

1. Humor brightens the written word. That is no surprise. The great news is that the potential to produce humor is a discovered talent. There are strategies of pondering and there are specific writing structures that make the funny lines resonate with your readers.

2. A terrific location to start off is by focusing your humor radar and mastering to believe funny. Expose oneself to humor books, tapes, motion pictures. Check out toy shops. Hang about funny close friends.

3. Hold a journal of funny issues that come about to you. Your greatest supply of humor is your individual stories. Stories are the greatest way to touch your readers and the easiest way to produce humor.

4. When producing humor for a written piece, maintain in thoughts that coming up with a funny line is a numbers game. If you want two funny lines for a piece, create 20 lines. Or possibly 40. Just when you believe you have burned out on funny tips, you will create your greatest line.

5. At the core of practically every single joke (particularly correct for written jokes which do not have the physical delivery aspect that enhances spoken humor) is a partnership involving two issues or tips. The partnership generally connects two previously unrelated things. For instance, Gary Larson cartoons normally relate animals with human traits. In 1 cartoon, all the patrons in a restaurant are snakes. 1 of the snakes at the table in the background is twisted and in an uncommon position. Two snakes at a table in the foreground and speaking about the uncommon physique language of the snake at the other table. “Oh, honey, he’s just signing.” He is referring to working with sign language for the deaf. The method: Producing a hyperlink with human characteristic which you would not ordinarily associate with snakes.

6. To make humorous connections, use the laundry-list method. If you are writing a piece on how nurses have a difficult job, you could start off with the premise that operating in a hospital is like operating in a combat zone. Then you produce two lists. 1 list for hospital-connected issues. A different list for military-connected issues. And then you appear for similarities and contrasts involving the two lists. You could come up with a line like: “Following an upper GI exam, you get the GI Bill.” Or, “When finishing a shift report you often resort to Never-Ask-Never-Inform.”

7. Hold in thoughts that the element of surprise, 1 of the essential components that make humor tick, demands that you maintain the punchline and punchword (the word that triggers the joke) at the finish of the joke. If you fail to location the punchword at the really finish, you run the threat of smothering it and hiding the humor.

8. Use punctuation . If you had been speaking the humor line, you would use a pause. When writing, use a dash to accentuate the punch word. Or use the ellipsis. For instance, the classic Henny Youngman line would appear like: “Take my wife…please!”

9. Practice writing jokes to a theme. For instance, what if Hillary Clinton had been elected President. Or ten causes why Las Vegas is like Disneyland. Or by writing captions for cartoons. The practice is like going to the health club. The extra you create, your writing abilities grow to be stronger. That applies to humor writing as well. Jest wishes for exciting writing and lots of laughs.